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“80% of the problem can be solved by getting the cyber hygiene correct, rather than chasing the latest advanced technology.”

Wing VC (Research Note on RSA 2019)

Introducing the all new Cyber Observer

Continuous Executive view

All the information you need is available in one click from the main screen. The CybercObserver view page is equipped with an “enriched view” capability for one-click access to all the necessary information: Instantly see what tool has an error, view security coverage by domain, top critical alerts, security trends and more without ever leaving the home screen.

Cyber Observer’s platform enables CISOs & InfoSec managers (such as CIOs, C-level managers, risk officers, SOC managers and IT Infrastructure personnel), with continuous, unified views of their entire Cybersecurity ecosystem. This enables you to easily identify vulnerabilities, reduce mean-time-to-detect, prevent breaches and allow mitigation to enhance and secure your cybersecurity posture.

  • Indicators within cybersecurity tools connected to the platform show mis-configurations & malfunctioning technologies
  • Depicts security gaps that exist in your organisation showing recommended coverage to enable planning / rolling out future Cybersecurity strategies
  • Building ongoing security program to ensure alignment with emerging threats.
  • Compliance with Standards such as ISO, PCI & NIST built into the platform
  • Customised reporting for IT, Cybersecurity, Analysts and Board-Level
  • Continuous analytics provide alerts on deviation from normal behaviour
  • Cyber Observer platform allows monitoring for your SOC or your Cybersecurity & Risk teams (monitor on big screen)

“This technology provides great insight into the often-obscure subject of security program performance. For organizations struggling to understand the value and impact of investing in security technologies, Cyber Observer provides both direct and relevant feedback. The insights it offers can help an organization transition to a truly proactive security program.”

SC Media

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