People, Processes & Technologies

Witz Cybersecurity provides a full-service Cybersecurity support solution focusing on people (training, awareness, governance), process (ensuring appropriate polices are implemented and followed), backed by innovative and disruptive technologies.

CyBiz®, Witz Cybersecurity’s consulting division, works with Boards, senior management and IT in organisations to ensure they have appropriate cybersecurity strategies and resources in place, as well as supporting CISOs and senior cybersecurity specialists to provide solutions to protect their organisation’s networks and DATA.

Witz Cybersecurity’s management team has a background in IT, security & mobile services, senior management in large enterprises and legal services. Witz Cybersecurity is familiar with the pressure that cybersecurity and other professionals are placed under to secure their organisations and provides consulting services and unique technologies to help them close the cybersecurity gaps in their organisations.

CyBiz Services

Cybersecurity strategy

  • Holistic review of cybersecurity posture covering people, process and technology solutions in place
  • Report on cybersecurity gaps to align cybersecurity risk with organisation’s expectation
  • Comprehensive remediation plan to address cybersecurity gaps
  • Technical vulnerability scanning, including risks and recommended remediation
  • Penetration testing

Cyber Gap Assessment and Vulnerability Scanning

  • Support preparation of multi-year cybersecurity strategy covering people, process and technology solutions
  • Plan to incrementally improve cybersecurity posture
  • Roadmap of activities

Cybersecurity Technology Solutions

  • Review current cybersecurity technologies in place
  • Advise on coverage and configuration gaps
  • Technical support for integration of cybersecurity technologies

Training and Awareness

  • Face-to-face Cybersecurity training and awareness for Boards and Senior Management
  • Develop tailored content for cybersecurity modules to be rolled out across organisations
  • Phishing campaigns
  • Contents for periodic newsletters or email reminders
  • Develop comprehensive training plan and calendar

Support for IT teams

  • Specialist cybersecurity support for IT teams
  • Assist in development and communication of strategy
  • Support preparation of periodic reports for management and board
  • Mentoring
  • Development and support for implementation plan

Development of comprehensive policies and procedures

  • Privacy Policy
  • Mandatory Data Breach Reporting
  • Cybersecurity policy
  • Business continuity plans
  • Audit and compliance against existing policies
  • Preparation of cybersecurity legal clause playbook
  • Specialist policies – e.g. mobile application development and implementation

Compliance and audit

  • PCI compliance
  • Support for ISO/NIST
  • Support for cyber insurance policies

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