Synopsis on MobileIron

Mobile device threat management & BYOD

Many employees working from home are using their own devices to perform work which was previously conducted in the office environment. MobileIron provides all of the mobile management and security capabilities organisations need in a single, unified platform and supports organisations to implement a secure BYOD strategy by onboarding devices, deploying apps and protecting devices from mobile threats.

  • Scale IT infrastructure to support additional remote workers
  • Enforcing endpoint security criteria for mobile devices
  • Ensuring secure connection to on-premise or cloud resources
  • Provisioning and configuring support for email client to on-premise or cloud email services
  • Seamless access to a secure, digital workplace
  • Wipe device or Corporate data (user leaving a company)
  • UEM Integration – Integrated solution of threat protection built into unified endpoint management. Single App to manage.
  • Automated Deployment – Admin is able to automatically deploy client and activate Mobile Threat Defense on selected devices. (100% Adoption rate)
  • App visibility – configurable inventory of applications installed on a device. All applications (iOS), Managed applications

An overview of MobileIron Threat Defense

How MobileIron Threat Defense protects iOS and Android users against threats introduced via device, network, applications and phishing.

Complete Mobile Phishing Protection from MobileIron

Protecting against sophisticated phishing attacks requires a new multi-vector security approach that goes way beyond spam detection. Learn more about how MobileIron Threat Defense is engineered to detect and remediate mobile threats.

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