Nyotron’s Paranoid

Don’t compromise the data on your endpoints. Stop attacks before they start. Nyotron’s Endpoint Protection Platform operates as your last line of defence, protecting you from threats before damage is done.

At the core of Nyotron’s Endpoint Protection Platform is PARANOID, a threat-agnostic endpoint protection solution that can detect threats that others cannot. Available as a product or service, PARANOID leverages its operating system Behaviour Pattern Mapping (BPM) technology to protect your data and your enterprise.

How does Paranoid work?

Providing a new security paradigm, PARANOID’s BPM maps normative operating system call flows and proactively monitors system calls made to the operating system to identify calls that do not map to normative operating system behavior. Non-normative system calls are thwarted before execution. Monitoring for threats at the operating system level in real-time allows PARANOID to detect and prevent known, unknown and future threats from being executed, as well as detect threats that infiltrated the network prior to the installation of PARANOID.


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