Secure your Sensitive Data and Prevent External & Internal Threats


Software-Defined Access masks data at the network perimeter, hiding applications and services from hostile and unauthorised access – both externally and internally. Sensitive data, applications, services and networks remain invisible unless access is properly granted and Safe-T’s technology seamlessly pushes out the requested data to the authorised user. Using security policy-based access control, Safe-T enables you to control data usage, detect risk and create audits and reports.

The data access life-cycle

Your data is made invisible to the outside world, and by controlling the data access lifecycle, we protect you from cyber-attacks.

Step 1 - Adaptive Access to Services and Data

Safe-T’s ‘on-demand Software Defined Perimeter’, built on our patented Reverse-Access technology, transparently grants access only to authorized users by separating the access layer from the authentication layer, and by segregating internal networks. It authenticates the user and verifies the device’s fingerprint prior to providing access.

Step 2 - Control Usage of Data

Once users have access to your application data, Safe-T ensures they only use the data according to their respective usage and access policies.
The data residing inside your organization or being transferred in and out of the organization is completely controlled and protected — on premise or in the cloud.

Step 3 - Report on Data Usage

Throughout the application access lifecycle, Safe-T monitors and audits all user actions for each accessed application or data repository.


  • Hide applications and services from external/internal unauthorised entities
  • Gain unified control and management of your data while maintaining business continuity
  • Facilitate & consolidate hybrid cloud deployments
  • Transparent & clientless user experience
  • Evident ROI from both an operational & capital expenditure cost savings perspective
  • Ensure adherence to the constantly evolving regulations and compliance
  • Compatibility and support of organisation’s existing & future digital data requirements

What to do next

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