Secret Double Octopus Authenticator

Passwords are no longer a viable authentication factor, they are a liability.

No password security means more protection, not less. In the hands of users, passwords are a vulnerability. Our authentication wall is invisible to the user. There are security factors, but the user does not need to remember or operate it. Secret Double Octopus enables a password-free environment with trust channels established via a mobile phone app.


Frustration-free UX

Keyless security isn’t just about removing vulnerabilities. Our authentication platform is designed so anybody can use it – to be seamless, intuitive, and unobtrusive. It’s comprehensive security that’s hidden from the user. No typing of codes, no SMS

Mobile based authentication

Mobiles have become essential to user-friendly authentication, and our platform runs on both Android and iOS. Beyond the authentication process, it demands little of the user. Secure, but ultimately friendly.

A scalable solution

Key and password management bottlenecks growth. Mass market demands and large IT environments, such as IoT, involve enormous operational costs when delivered alongside conventional authentication. By eliminating the need to manage keys and passwords, our platform drastically reduces cost and enables scalability.

What to do next

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