About Us

About Us

Witz Cybersecurity’s management team has a background in IT including infrastructure, networks and security technologies including mobile devices, consulting and servicing to large corporate enterprises including legal services.. Witz Cybersecurity is familiar with the pressure that cybersecurity, C-level Executives and other professionals are placed under to secure their organisations Cyber Posture and provides consulting services and unique technologies to help them close the cybersecurity gaps within their organisations.

Witz Cybersecurity provides a full-service Cybersecurity support solution focusing on people (training, awareness, governance), process (ensuring appropriate polices are implemented and followed), backed by innovative and disruptive technologies. 

CyBiz®, Witz Cybersecurity’s consulting division, works with Boards and senior management in organisations to ensure they have appropriate cybersecurity strategies and resources in place, as well as supporting CISOs and senior cybersecurity specialists to provide solutions to protect their organisation’s networks and DATA.

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