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Ivanti Mobile Protection is a mobile security solution designed to protect corporate data and devices from cyber threats and unauthorized access.

Ivanti finds, heals and protects every device, everywhere – automatically. Whether your team is down the hall or around the globe, Ivanti makes it easy to secure their devices.

Ivanti is a cybersecurity company that offers a mobile security solution designed to protect mobile devices and applications used in the enterprise environment. The solution is designed to secure both corporate-owned and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environments, allowing organizations to manage and secure mobile devices across their entire fleet.

The Ivanti mobile security solution includes several features aimed at protecting against mobile threats, including malware, phishing, and data leakage. The platform offers mobile device management (MDM) capabilities that allow organizations to control and secure devices remotely, including setting policies, enforcing encryption, and configuring access to enterprise resources.

Additionally, the solution includes mobile application management (MAM) features, which allow organizations to secure and manage the distribution of enterprise mobile applications. This includes app wrapping, which adds an additional layer of security to existing applications, and the ability to configure policies for specific apps, such as disabling copy-paste functionality or restricting access to sensitive data.

Overall, Ivanti’s mobile security solution is designed to provide comprehensive protection for mobile devices used in the enterprise environment, including both corporate-owned and BYOD devices. With its MDM and MAM capabilities, Ivanti helps organizations manage and secure their mobile fleet, protecting against a range of mobile threats and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.