Welcome to the Future of Cyber Awareness: Leveraging Cywareness’s AI Phishing Platform

In today’s digital landscape, cybersecurity threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated and pervasive. As a result, it is crucial for organisations to invest in comprehensive cybersecurity training and awareness to protect their data and assets. Cywareness, a leading cybersecurity solutions provider, has taken a significant step forward in this direction with the launch of its enhanced AI Phishing platform. 

Key Features of Cywareness’s AI Phishing Platform

AI-Driven Phishing Simulator: Launch phishing campaigns in just a few minutes, impersonating individuals, apps, or websites deploying the new AI phishing simulator. 

Interactive Reports: After each campaign, the platform generates interactive reports that provide valuable insights into employee performance and furthermore areas for improvement.

Customisable Templates: Companies can tailor their own templates based on the cyber awareness level of their employees, ensuring that the training material is relevant, engaging and effective.

Predefined Cyber Training Programs: The platform offers a range of predefined cyber training templates & video content crafted by cyber experts, which can be customised for your organisation.

Comprehensive Training Experience: The platform combines videos, phishing campaigns, and quizzes to provide a comprehensive training experience that covers various aspects of cybersecurity.

Multilingual Video Content: The platform now offers 3 different series of video content in nine different languages. Check it out now!!

Contact us for a demo or to setup a trial license for 7 days (3 users): support@witzcybersecurity.com