As human errors cause 90% of data breaches, there is a strong need for practical cybersecurity awareness training for businesses’ internal workforce to minimize cyber threat exposure.

Witz Cybersecurity is excited to partner with Cywareness in building awareness and defense mechanisms around cyber threats for your organization’s most valued yet, vulnerable asset – your employees. 

Cywareness is a superior cybersecurity awareness training platform. It offers a comprehensive and interactive training program with real-world scenarios for employees to recognize and respond to cyber-attacks. What’s remarkable is its personalized training approach, utilizing machine learning to assess employees’ performance and pinpoint areas for improvement. By providing a range of user-friendly tools like risk assessments, Cywareness assists businesses in managing cybersecurity risks effectively.

Their upcoming feature, the AI Phishing Simulation Builder, promises to be a game-changing tool that revolutionizes cybersecurity training. This tool allows users to craft custom phishing simulations effortlessly. These simulations include convincing phishing emails, realistic landing pages, and insightful micro-training, providing an immersive and hands-on learning experience.

AI Simulation Builder launch announcement
Cywareness AI Phishing Platform 3 key components

Together with Cywareness, Witz Cybersecurity helps you fortify your defense strategy against cyber threats. This partnership is formed to deliver expert guidance in enhancing readiness against potential cyberattacks and building a cyber-aware workforce.

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