Cyber-attack on Australian hospitals

Private healthcare service Macquarie Health Corporation subject to a ransomware attack.

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Property and Real estate sector now targeted by Cyber attacks

Cybercriminals targeting real estate sector to conduct business email compromise scams.

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Witz Cybersecurity utilises Cyber Observer’s CCM platform (continuous controls monitoring) for Cyber Posture deployments

Working with the premier Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) solution “Cyber Observer”, our clients are able to monitor their risk posture management and facilities compliance…

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China accused of the major cyberattack targeting Microsoft Exchange servers

There just couldn’t be a clearer sign of the ongoing damage and risk caused by the Cyber-attack targeting Microsoft Exchange Servers earlier this year.

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Cyber-Attack at the NSW Dept of Education

The NSW Department of Education took their systems offline as a result of a cyber-attack recently.

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Are you one of the few CEO’s who knows the Cybersecurity Posture of your business?

There’s many theories as to why there is a seemingly large disconnect between what CEO’s and CISO’s view of their organisation’s cybersecurity is.

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What is the impact of a Cyberattack, and should you be worried?

Dealing with Cyber-attacks is what I do every day. Or rather, preventing cyber-attacks is what I do every day. But to be able to prevent them, you need to know your risks and…

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