Cyber-attacks to Australian organisations are increasing. The number and severity of cybersecurity incidents continue to grow, prompting the increased adoption of Digital Forensics and Incident Response Services (DFIR) services. 

Sygnia is a cyber technology and services company, providing high-end consulting and incident response support for organizations worldwide. Sygnia works with companies to proactively build their cyber resilience, to respond and defeat Cyber threats and cyber-attacks within their networks. It is the trusted advisor and service provider of technology and security teams,  management and boards of leading organisations worldwide, including Fortune 100 companies

Guy Segal and David Warshavski from Sygnia attending a Cyber & Whisky event hosted by Witz Cybersecurity.

THREAT RESPONSE: Manage Cyber Threats, contain and defeat Cyber-attacks.

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Sygnia discussing Cyber threats in Australia