Witz Cybersecurity are proud to partner with Sygnia for their Incident response and Cyber posture assessment amongst other services they offer.
Sygnia are specialists in Cyber Threat Response and have a wide range of solutions ranging from Adversarial security (red teaming, tabletop war games, attach surface assessments) through to Proactive Defence (threat hunting, ransomware readiness, security posture enhancement). Forbes described Sygnia as a “Cyber Security Delta Force” due to their high-end consulting and incident response support. 
Sygnia’s Guy Segal VP Cyber Security Service Asia Pacific and David Warshavski VP Enterprise security, both respected leaders in the cyber security industry, shared their insights into the global cyber responses and increased threats to Australia at an event with Witz Cybersecurity. “It’s not that Australia does not have fantastic cyber security specialists in this country” said David, “it’s that they do not have enough for this level of threat”. Australia is one of the most attractive and lucrative targets globally.
Sygnia is a cyber services and technology company, providing high-end consulting and incident response support to organisations worldwide. Sygnia’s team of cybersecurity experts, trained in elite intelligence units, partners with you to pro-actively build your cyber resilience and defeat attacks within your network
Witz Cybersecurity who specialise in innovative and disruptive cybersecurity technologies, in partnership with Sygnia, can help organisations prepare to detect, defeat and respond to cyberattacks. And it is these partnerships that can benefit Australian organisations in their customised approach to assess their current Cyber Posture and to provide advice and support to prepare Companies to defend themselves from a Cyber-attack.
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