Respond to cloud threats with context. And fast.

Empower your security operations teams with built-in expertise and automatic response capabilities fit for the cloud era

As part of the renowned Team8 portfolio, Gem Security is on the cutting edge, dedicated to solving cloud security challenges across the board. Their CDR platform is THE solution that comprehensively tackles cloud threats from threat detection to an automated response. Gem Security stops threats before they become incidents.

Explore our latest report to understand why conventional SecOps tools and existing cloud security solutions are inadequate for cloud detection and response scenarios, the importance of a CDR solution in your cloud security and security operations strategies, and the fundamental features such a solution must offer.

Why It Matters

The cloud is a double-edged sword for security teams, with abundant telemetry allowing for unparalleled visibility and control but also making security operations a real challenge in practice. Complicating the issue is that neither existing cloud security products nor traditional security operations tools are capable of handling complex cloud signals and delivering the real-time visibility, complete detection, and immediate response functionality that security teams need today.

CDR, also known as Cloud TDIR, is an emerging category of security tools designed to help security operations teams detect and stop cloud attacks as they unfold. This new set of solutions brings the assume-breach mindset into the cloud, and represents an essential piece of any security program in today’s digital landscape.

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