There are many theories as to why there is a seemingly large disconnect between what CEO’s and CISO’s view of their organisation’s cybersecurity.

On the one hand, there is the simple reality that in such hugely different roles, the very language used to define cybersecurity and what constitutes a breach can differ. Then on the other, there can be differing of priorities within many organisations, with a board not reporting on cybersecurity on a regular basis.

Whilst a little while ago, the research by Unisys undertaken in 2019 is still relevant, particularly as the recent report on ABC Four Corners in Jan 2021 highlights that Australian companies are still unprepared for the increasing cyber-targeting against Australian institutions. 

The research revealed a consistent theme of cybersecurity over-confidence among CEOs:

  • Just 6% of CEOs say their organisations have suffered a data breach in the last 12 months, compared to 63% of CISOs
  • More than four in 10 (44%) CEOs believe their organisations can respond to cyber threats in real time, whereas just 26% of CISOs agree; and
  • More than half (51%) of CEOs believe their organisations’ data collection policies are clear to consumers or citizens, yet only 26% of CISOs agree.

“As enterprises digitise core functions the type and volume of data collected, stored and used grows significantly. And the reality is that data breaches are inevitable. Organisations must take a proactive approach to securely manage their data and identify and isolate threats before they impact business continuity, partners, customers or citizens. If business leaders don’t incorporate cybersecurity into their overall risk framework, they can’t respond effectively to threats across the supply chain ecosystem, or capitalise on emerging opportunities in the data economy,” Ms Kiryakova industry director cyber security for Unisys Australia at the time stated in the report.

Ransomware has become the biggest threat, according to the Australian Cyber Security Centre an average of 164 cybercrime reports are made by Australians every day. Every Day!

Australian Cyber Security Centre

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Adrian Wolman
CEO & Founder
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