The NSW Department of Education took their systems offline as a result of a cyber-attack last Thursday. Whilst there’s no word on the organisation behind the cyberattack, their timing was planned. They planned to hit just before the Greater Sydney school zones went into online learning, and overcame their cybersecurity.

What can we do to prevent cyberattacks?

How can we prevent such cyberattacks? To prevent a cyber-attack from happening, you have to firstly recognise the potential threat. The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner’s (OAIC) latest Notifiable data breaches report showed that education was among the top three most breached sectors, behind healthcare and finance. 

“Their complex ICT footprints provide ample opportunity to compromise systems, and the wealth of valuable personal information, as well as intellectual property, advanced research and technology innovations offer significant incentives to a broad range of malicious cyber actors” Catherine Friday noted in the aftermath of the attacks against Australian National University and Australian Catholic University in 2019.

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So what can we do, how do you prevent this from happening? By realising that it could happen to any organisation and taking action. How secure is your organisation and do you have enough cybersecurity? It’s easy to find out.

Finding the best cyber protection for your company

Witz Cybersecurity’s range of unique, disruptive, and innovative technologies provides you with the next level of Cyber protection for the best cybersecurity. Our range of products includes, Vulnerability scanning, pen testing (Cymptom), Continuous Cybersecurity monitoring (Cyber Observer), Mobile security (MobileIron), Cyber protection and forensic audit for Healthcare (Cyber MDX), Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA with Safe-T) and others.

How secure is your organisation and what is your Cybersecurity Posture?

Can you say with certainty how secure is your organisation and what your Cybersecurity Posture is currently?

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